Privacy Policy

Jyoti Display’s Privacy policy describes the information which “we”, “site”, “us” collect through how we use the collected information and its rights.

Jyoti Display Privacy Policy

Our Privacy policy may change from time to time, Kindly stay updated with a frequent check to our websites.

1) Collection of Information & Privacy rights: What information We collect and how we collect it. We receive information from you by our website, or when you sign up for browser notifications.

  • This information includes General & anonymous information such as a) Your Device and its make b) Operating System of device c) Browser you used d) referral Link e) Mobile Network. This information is carried out with Google analytics.
  • Our site may use re-marketing strategy to collect your technical information such as IP address to track you with more convincing Ads.
  • Information collected with Inquiry Forms on the website will be kept private with our sales and client servicing team. We do not disclose such information with any other brands.
  • Collected data from site-forms, Received calls an inquiry made with Whatsapp via is considered as Lead for our Sales team.
  • We can send promotional Emails and SMS using your provided Email Id and Contact details. These promotional content will be as per our recent discussion regarding particular products and services.
  • Our professional team cannot send any unwanted or irrelevant email to the provided contact details. Which mean we do not spam with received and collected data.
  • To unsubscribe or to prevent our reach one can write an email or call us for the same. 

2) Refund & Return policy

  • We work on the contract basis as per the requirement of the Client. The requirement differs from client to client with respect to type, numbers, size, style, location, mass and so on. Hence we do not have any default Service package for any Client’s requirement.
  • Steps : We analysis the requirement, site visit, design finalization, production, transportation of products and installation of the product at site.
  • We accept a particular percentage of complete deal as advance payment. Here we share the products and services details and commitments as per the requirement.
  • If we receive new conditions in the beginning of process named site visit and designing. Here the rates and prices may increase or decrease.
  • We can refund the complete amount in the beginning of the process if we found the rates are not under our favour.
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